Curriculum Overview

BEES Curriculum is specifically designed with BEES students in mind.  Rather than using pre-packaged curricula, the educators at BEES, in conjunction with Teachers College - Center for the Professional Education of Teachers (TCCPET), have created curriculum for each content area. These curricula are guided by the requirements of the Common Core State Standards and the interests and needs of our students.


In English Language Arts classes at BEES, students will explore a variety of reading and writing genres through teacher-crafted units.  Each year builds on the learning from the year before, strengthening students reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and expanding their understanding of what it means to be literate.  Portfolios assess the same standards in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, but with no repeat assignments!


Emphasis on problem-solving and math in real-life applications - focusing on the understanding rather than the doing, which means using a variety of models to understand why the math works.


Hands on, lab-based learning.

Emphasis on science vocabulary.

Social Studies

Learning how the past affects the present
Project-based learning, station teaching
Document Based Questions
Multiple modes of learning including videos, music, primary sources, debate